Library support for pupil literacy

The school librarians;  Mrs Marshall and Mrs Kennedy have been working on a number of resources to support young people in their literacy skills – specifically  reading, creative writing and research.  There is also a link to support for mental well being.   Use the link below to access to view this information for yourself.  These are all readily available to young people in the Library Google Classroom.

Bridge of Don Academy Library Resources

School Trips

The following is a statement from Aberdeen City Council:

School trip cancellations and refunds.

 The UK government advice for overseas and domestic school travel is now against all travel for an indefinite period.

We are unsure how long this advice will be valid for, and will continually monitor for Government updates.

Aberdeen City Council holds an off-site visits insurance policy which should cover any losses relating to school travel, however all insurers require the government advice to be in place at the time of travel.

Schools are not able to start the claim process until the time of departure, and with the large volume of claims from across the UK it is anticipated that the insurance process and payments may take some time.

We understand that the time delays and uncertainty may be frustrating, however schools are in discussions with their trip providers and we as an authority are continually monitoring the situation and will ensure the claims process is carried out efficiently and all losses are minimised.

 The UK government advisory can be found online here: