Bridge of Don Community Council Logo Competition Winner

Ewen Lindsay in 3F was awarded a £50 Amazon voucher by Bridge of Don Community Council for winning their council logo competition.  The council approached BODA directly to ask for our talented pupils to come up with a new design to be launched in both digital online format and in print.  We were thrilled to give a live project to pupils and to be involved in a project that would directly impact the local community.


For the project, Sam Longmire, – Creative Director at the award winning local graphic design agency FortyTwo Studio, was invited by Miss Crawford and Mrs Redpath to come in and speak with pupils.  This gave them support in the early stages of their design process.  Pupils learned a great deal from his visit and the Art & Design department hopes to continue a close partnership with the agency in the future.

Look Again Visual Art & Design Festival

LOOK AGAIN Art & Design Trip

In March we were very lucky to be involved in creating a sculpture for the Look Again Visual Art & Design Festival.  Pupils from 1X3, 2X3 and 2X1 were chosen to work with Dundee Sculptor Jason Nelson to create a cardboard sculpture that portrayed different aspects of what life is like being a young person in Aberdeen.  The trumpet shaped sculpture links in theme to two interactive sculptures that Jason has created for the festival.  The wooden sculptures are on display until 1st May in Pocket Park opposite the Central Library.  The public are invited to sit on the bench inside the sculptures to hear audio of the people of Aberdeen recounting urban tales and memories of the city.

To view the festival guide for Look Again go to

Sculpture Jason Nelson

We hope to have the cardboard sculpture returned to the school, to be put on display after the festival,  where pupils and staff will be able to view it in the school library.

Photoshop Club producing digital artists of tomorrow

photoshop-club-logoEver wondered why celebrities look so perfect in magazines?  or in fact how any picture can seem to be flawless? Well the secret is in Adobe Photoshop and pupils in S1 and S2 who come to this club are starting to see the potential in a future in digital manipulation.

This club is run every week on a Thursday lunchtime. Pupils are encouraged to join up and come along to learn and have fun while using Photoshop to edit and design lots of different graphics. Adobe Photoshop CC is a program which is used the world over by professionals in a wide range of businesses which are not only in the creative field.  Digital artists/designers can obtain large salaries if they are skilled and experienced.  Here at Bridge of Don Academy we believe in giving all pupils the chance to gain skills that will help them in their future careers, and to also open their eyes to potential jobs that they never knew were available.  

Using Photoshop you can beautify, distort, resize, reshape, and recolor people, objects and scenes, you can even remove your wrinkles! Graphics tablets are provided for pupils to use while they work, these are used alongside the mouse but allow you to draw using a pen which is more accurate and similar to regular drawing. Pupils obtain images from the internet or use pictures they take in, to merge them into a single image by cutting and pasting specific parts or even by using filters to make them look entirely different.

Although it may seem quite difficult to start off with, as there are lots of tools and possibilities, everyone who participates is always open to help everyone else if they get stuck.  In the club there is a good sense of community where learning and sharing skills are encouraged. The club is run by Mrs Redpath and S6 pupil Aidan Millar.  It is free to participate and have fun, so if you are reading this and you are interested, get an application form from Mrs Redpath and join now!

Spaces are limited but a waiting list is there to join once we are full!