Countdown to a #FairtradeChristmas – Day 5

Who are you?: Amy Strachan, Modern Studies and History teacher at Bridge of Don Academy. I believe Fair Trade is a great way for us to try and respect the rights of workers all over the world.

What is your Fairtrade item?: Co-op Fairtrade Tea Bags.

Why?: I love tea, especially when it’s freezing with all the windows open! Great for warming me up and if it comes from an ethnical source, that’s even better.

The tea bags are available in both normal and decaffeinated versions.

“Not all tea is created equal. Behind your brew, real people face low wages, discrimination and the hard choices living in poverty can bring. The people who grow and pick our tea often don’t earn enough to even feed their families.

But when you buy Fairtrade tea, farmers and workers can bring greater security, equality and opportunity to the lives of their families and communities.”

To meet some of these tea farmers and workers click

Countdown to a #FairtradeChristmas – Day 4

Who are you?: I am Barbara, Fairtrade Business Development Officer for Aberdeen for a Fairer World. I love Fairtrade as it eases my conscience.  I worry that I have so much when so many people have so little in our world.

What is your Fairtrade item?: My #Fairtrade item is @revolver coffee. I love it because they delivered to my door in #Lockdown, all their coffee and tea are #fairtrade, they are a co-operative and they get their coffee from co-operatives which means the workers are co-owners and are treated fairly, and can decide for themselves where to spend the fairtrade social premium in their communities.

Why?: Not many people know that coffee is the second most traded commodity – after oil. We know that means there is a huge disparity between price the producer gets and the price we pay for our coffee – all those fat cat middle men. Revolver reinvests 25% of their profits into producer communities – That makes my coffee taste all the better.

Countdown to a #FairtradeChristmas – Day 3

Why buy Fairtrade?

For the farmers and workers behind all the products we use, the extra income and power they get when you choose Fairtrade has been especially important this year.

It has allowed them to do more to tackle the effects of Covid -19 in their communities and respond to the huge disruption the pandemic has brought.

To help celebrate the difference we can all make we would like to introduce our new Fairtrade loyalty card. Please print off the loyalty card found below and every time it is filled with Fairtrade logos (e.g. the stickers off a Fairtrade banana, a cut out from a chocolate wrapper) you can exchange it for a mini chocolate bar as a thank you from all of us at Bridge of Don Academy and Aberdeen for a Fairer World*.

Oh honey, honey, bless your heart, Oh honey that I love so well…

Who are you? We are Efftie and Fortunita, the City Fairtrade mascots.  We live in the Bridge of Don with our scribe.  She says she has been there since way before we were born “doing Fairtrade” and she doesn’t think she is very photogenic, but her hand’s in the picture.

What is your Fairtrade item? Equal Exchange Ulmo Blossom Honey.

Why? It’s raw honey and it’s the best scribe has ever tasted.  Sadly, it’s not available in Bridge of Don shops, but you can buy it from the Ethical Superstore online.

* This will only be something we can offer within the UK due to delivery logistics. Please complete the information on the back of the card and your free bar will be sent out on receipt of your completed card. Completed cards to be scanned/photographed and emailed to