Countdown to a #FairtradeChristmas – Day 25

Merry Christmas from everyone at Bridge of Don Academy and Aberdeen for a Fairer World. We hope you have a lovely Christmas holiday and you manage to make it Fairtrade in some way, no matter how little.

Congratulations to Tracey who won the Fairtrade hamper and thank you to everyone who took part. I hope Tracey enjoys all the Fairtrade treats!

Here is Tracey’s winning photo:

“You pick it we brew it” ☕️
“Suits me to a T”
“Back to the daily grind”
“Full of beans”

Well done Tracey!

Countdown to a #FairtradeChristmas – Day 24

Who are you?: Cara Walkden, Social Subjects teacher at Bridge of Don Academy and Aberdeen for a Fairer World Trustee.

What is your Fairtrade product?: Garden sculptures.

Why?: I bought these sculptures in the summer for my own garden. I had looked in all the nearby garden centres but couldn’t find anything I liked more than these. Since then I have bought more as gifts because I was so impressed. They are handmade in Zimbabwe from recycled materials and by a fair trade company.

To take a look for yourself visit

Countdown to a #FairtradeChristmas – Day 23

Who are you?: Jim. My wife works at Bridge of Don Academy.

What is your Fairtrade item?: Co-op Fairtrade Roses in a mixed bunch of flowers.

Why?: A bunch of flowers brightens up our hallway and always brings a smile to my wife’s face. She also likes as many things in our house to be Fairtrade so luckily this ticks three boxes! They look lovely and last for a long time so I feel like they are worth it. Especially knowing the people who grow, harvest, pack and care for the flowers are getting the benefits of a Fairtrade product and the Fairtrade premium.

It is not just roses which can be Fairtrade. Read to see if your favourite flower can be bought Fairtrade.