DYW – Developing the Young Workforce

This is a strategy developed by the Scottish Government and supported by industry to enhance young people’s progress from early years, through the senior phase and beyond. It provides opportunities, for our young people, to develop the important skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.   

It also supports us to work in partnership with organisations such as Skills Development Scotland, employer groups, colleges, universities, and community learning and development (CLD).  We have now also been allocated a DYW Coordinator, Mark Dalgarno, from DYW North-East.  Further information on his role will be issued in the future. 

One part of our DYW work is providing our young people with information on opportunities available to them such as work placements, webinars, apprenticeships, open days and many more.  All these opportunities are being advertised in the year group Google Classrooms and if they have any further questions or require support to find out more about these, young people should contact their Guidance teacher or Year Head. 

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