School Uniform


Stage S1 to S4 S5/S6
Above The Waist White shirt/blouse with
junior school tie (blue)
White school polo shirt and sweatshirt with school badge
White or black shirt/blouse with senior school tie (red)

School Blazer (from session 19/20)*

Legs Black trousers
Footwear Black shoes


What Not To Wear

  • Jeans of any kind, including black jeans found in some ‘school uniform’ sections of clothing outlets
  • Leggings, Jeggings or ‘Treggings’
  • Dresses, pinafores
  • Grey, white or any other colour
  • Trainers with logos or coloured markings
  • No large accessories, for example earrings which could pose a risk if caught or pulled


School Blazer

Following consultation with senior pupils, staff and the Parent Council, a school blazer will now be required school uniform for pupils choosing to return to school in S5/S6 from session 2019/2020. This can be bought from Abstitch (Aberdeen Emroidery Company Ltd), Ann Street, Aberdeen.


Where To Buy The Uniform (Except Blazer)

Our uniform is available is available through Scotcrest. Details below.


School Clothing Grants

School clothing grants are available through the Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council websites. Links below:

Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeenshire Council

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