School Uniform

Pupils, parents and staff strongly support the wearing of school uniform for a number of reasons:

  • It helps to promote a sense of identity with the school;
  • It reduces competitive peer dressing and expensive fashion dressing;
  • The wearing of uniform creates a working atmosphere which supports pupils’ learning;
  • The school badge, incorporated into items of uniform, enables the easy identification of pupils and therefore assists the operation of school security measures.

Visiting parents, members of the public and staff working in other establishments have praised the school for its standard of dress and courteousness of the pupils.

The school uniform is detailed below. School ties and Blazers (part of the S5 and S6 uniform)  but can be worn by pupils from S1 to S4 if they wish and are bought locally from Abstitch (Aberdeen Embroidery Company Ltd), Ann Street, Aberdeen.

Parents of pupils are overwhelmingly supportive of the school’s dress code and we urge you to help us in seeing that our pupils continue to come to school smartly turned out in school uniform. Pupils who do not represent the school during the school day will not be allowed to represent the school on out of school conferences, exhibitions or extra-curricular excursions, including trips abroad during Activities Week.

A uniform check is carried out each morning by register teachers. They will be logged and may be asked to wear a school sweatshirt from a stock held in school.

If any parent requires financial support to purchase uniform items, school clothing grants can be downloaded from the links below.

What happens if you wear full uniform all the time?

  • House points will be awarded for wearing full uniform;
  • There will be two prizes in the summer term of outings with registration teachers. One for the class in S1/S2 with the best uniform record and one for the class in S3/4 with the best uniform record.

What happens if you don’t come to school in uniform?

  • Registration teachers will send pupils without uniform to the School Office to see Senior Managers at the end of registration;
  • Pupils will be given a uniform sweater from a stock kept for this purpose;
  • Senior managers will log the names of those without uniform;
  • Letters will be sent home to parents of persistent offenders. There will be a reminder in the letter that pupils will not be allowed on outings, residential trips etc if they have not been wearing uniform;
  • Any pupil arriving in class without uniform should be sent to the school office. Office staff will contact a member of the Senior Management Team who will deal with the pupil.

Teachers will not allow pupils to be in their classes without proper uniform.

Pupils going out on visits or representing the school in any way will be expected to wear school uniform.

Stage S1 to S4 S5/S6
Above The Waist White shirt/blouse with
junior school tie (blue)
White shirt/blouse with senior school tie (red)

School Blazer

Legs Black trousers or skirt
Footwear Plain All Black shoes

What Not To Wear

  • Jeans of any kind, including black jeans found in some ‘school uniform’ sections of clothing outlets
  • Leggings, Jeggings or ‘Treggings’
  • Dresses, pinafores
  • Grey, white or any other colour
  • Trainers with logos, coloured flashes or white markings
  • No large accessories, for example earrings which could pose a risk if caught or pulled

School Blazer

Following consultation with senior pupils, staff and parents through the Parent Council, a school blazer will now be required school uniform for pupils choosing to return to school in S5/S6 . This can be bought from Abstitch (Aberdeen Embroidery Company Ltd), Ann Street, Aberdeen.



There have been incidents in schools where pupils wearing items such as eyebrow studs or bolts have suffered serious injury as a result to the wearer from general movement in and around the school and during physical activity.
Subsequently, on the grounds of Health and Safety, pupils must not come to school with any form of body piercing on their face, or other parts of their body, which could pose a risk to themselves and to others. Pupils will be asked to remove such items and be given a letter home to remind parents of the risks to themselves and to others.

School Clothing Grants

School clothing grants are available through the Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council websites. Links below:

Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeenshire Council

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