P7-S1 Transition

Bridge of Don Academy offers several opportunities for P7 pupils to experience what learning is like at Bridge of Don Academy, ahead of joining in S1:

  • English and Maths departments visiting primary schools to deliver lessons, with BoDA pupils supporting P7 pupils.
  • Active Boys and Active Girls Day – a one day event where BoDA’s S1 pupils join the P7 pupils for a day of fun, energetic activities, led by the PE department, Sport Aberdeen and BoDA pupils.
  • BoDA Summer fayre – a one day event where all pupils at BoDA and the P7 pupils participate in competitive and non-competitive activities, whilst getting the chance to sample locally produced food such as pizza, BBQ and ice cream.
  • S1 pupils visiting their former primary school to host a Q&A session for P7 pupils.
  • Four days of P7s attending BoDA, following a timetable which reflects what they will be learning in S1.
  • Enhanced Transition, where the Pupil Support Department facilitate additional visits and support for pupils with Additional Support Needs (ASN).
  • P7 Parents information evening, where parents can experience S1 lessons in addition to being able to ask questions to subject teachers and senior management.

In addition, we have recently created a ‘Virtual Interactive Map’ which allows pupils to explore the school building and meet the teachers that work in each department. Click the image below to start exploring. *Some media may only be accessible if you are logged into your @ab-ed.org Google account.

*Up-to-date for June 2021*

We have also created several videos to provide sensory predictability for a variety of experiences, such as fire drills, moving between classes, toilets and the canteen: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxpwY6mIMLU1q1IBj4vSx0w

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