Universal Support

  • Shared in class support (PSA/SfL teacher)
  • Differentiation of resources
  • Drop in department in times of crisis
  • First aid response/daily administration of medication
  • Break/lunch supervised support / homework club
  • Guidance team support
  • Provide training to staff

Targeted support

  • Extraction from mainstream / IEP / review process
  • Educational Psychology service
  • Educational social worker
  • Behaviour support (one to one/group work)
  • Counselling support – ACIS
  • Support from internal agencies (TASSCC/Sensory Support teams/Autism Outreach)
  • Support from external agencies (social work/salt/nhs teams)


SfL assessments can be requested

  • Reading test (accuracy/comprehension/rate)
  • Extra time test
  • Spelling test
  • Dyslexia screener
  • Dyscalculia screener

Support from parents (how can i support my child at home)

  • Encourage conversational skills/dialogue
  • Encourage use of planner to record homework
  • Encourage doing homework (get in touch with school if that’s an issue); check Google Classroom
  • Be aware of homework deadlines
  • Use MyMaths & SumDog websites
  • Encourage reading (let them choose what they want to read)
  • Practise life skills (timetables/telling the time/tying shoe laces/handling money & giving change)
  • Have a look at subjects’ curriculum in school website
  • Prepare school bag the night before (pencils/books/PE kits/HE box/calculator etc)
  • Establish routines (morning & night routines)

Subjects and SQA qualifications offered by Pupil Support are listed below.

S4 to S6

Click on the links for further information.

The level of qualification offered is subject to viability.

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