Club Name Age Group When Where
Dodgeball S1-S3 Monday Lunchtime 1.15-1.55pm Games Hall
Dance S1-S6 Monday Lunchtime 1.15-1.55pm Activities Room
Singing Club S1-S2 Monday Lunchtime 1.25pm-1.50pm G21
Warhammer Club S1-S6 Monday Lunchtime 1.05-1.55pm F23
S1 Book Club S1 Monday Lunchtime 1.05-1.50pm Library
Science Club S1-S6 Monday Lunchtime 1.20-1.50pm T10A
Badminton S1-S6 Tuesday Lunchtime 1.15-1.55pm Games Hall
Art and Design Catch Up S1-S6 Tuesday Lunchtime 1.05-1.55pm Art Dept
Cosplay S1-S6 Tuesday Lunchtime 1.05-1.55pm Art Dept
Drama Club S1-S2 Tuesday Lunchtime 1.30-1.55pm Drama Dept
Global Goals Group S1-S6 Tuesday Lunchtime G12
Library Club S1-S6 Every Lunchtime 1.30-1.55pm Library
The Bridge (LGBTI+Alliance) S1-S6 Tuesday Lunchtime 1.15-1.55pm F6
Cosplay S1-S6 Wednesday Lunchtime 1.05-1.55pm Art Dept
Girls Football S1-S3 Wednesday After School 3.00-4.00pm Games Hall
Table Tennis S1-S6 Wednesday Lunchtime 1.15-1.55pm Activities Room
Senior Choir S3-S6 Wednesday Lunchtime 1.30-1.55pm Music Dept
Alpha Youth Club S1-S6 Wednesday Lunchtime 1.05-1.55pm G3
Play Unified S1-S6 Wednesday Lunchtime Games Hall
Maths Support Sessions S1-S6 Wednesday Lunchtime 1.25-1.55pm F9
Higher French S5-S6 Wednesday After School 3-5.30pm T3
Orchestra S1-S6 Wednesday After School 3-3.30pm Music Dept
Gymnastics S1-S2 Thursday After School 3.00pm-4.00pm Alex Collie Centre
Photoshop Club S1-S6 Thursday Lunchtime 1.05-1.55pm G3
Girls Fitness S1-S6 Thursday Lunchtime 1.15-1.55pm Activities Room
Culture Club S1-S6 Thursday Lunchtime 1.20-1.50pm T2
Basketball S1-S6 Thursday After School 3.00pm-4.00pm Games Hall
Male Vocal Group S1-S6 Friday Lunchtime 1.20-1.55pm Music Dept.
Chess Club S1-S6 Friday Lunchtime 1.15pm-1.45pm T13
Debate Club S1-S6 Friday After School 3pm-4.30pm T18
Netball S1-S6 Friday After School 3-4.00pm Games Hall
Duke of Edinburgh S3-S6 19th November;17th December 2018 14th January; 4th February; 4th March; 25th; 15th +  22nd April 2019 F15
Inter-House Competitions S1-S6 See Inter-House Board in PE Dept for activities and dates/times.  
Golf S1-S6 April – May; Various golf courses in Aberdeen  
School Show S1-S6 As arranged  
Buddies S5-6 As arranged T2
Young Enterprise S5-6 As arranged T8
Girls Get Set S1-S6 As arranged G3
Outlook Expeditions S4-6 Trips run every 2 years offering the opportunity to participate in an expedition. Previous destinations have been Morocco; Cambodia; India and Nicaragua.  
Northsound Energy Quiz S3-S6 As arranged  
Mock Court S5-S6 As arranged T2
Boys Football U13’s S1 As Arranged Various
Boys Football U14’s S2 As Arranged Various
Boys Football U15’s S3 As Arranged Various
Languages Catch Up S4-6 As Arranged T3
Homework Club S1-S6 Every Lunchtime F20

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