S3 into S4 Course Choice

S3 into S4 Course Choice

S3 into S4 Course Choice

All pupils, in S3 have received their course choice sheets in Assembly.  The course choice booklet is available on Google Classroom for them to find out more information on each of the subjects on offer.

They are also encouraged to speak to their Guidance teacher if they have any questions or queries regarding course choice.

Deadline for return is Friday 6 March.

Deadline for College Course or City Campus Courses is Friday 6 March.

A copy of the booklets that pupils can refer to are here –

S3-5 Course Choice BODA

S3-5 Course Choice CITY CAMPUS

S3-5 Course Choice NESCoL

The range of subjects on offer can be found here. S4 Choices Grid

Finally the form that all pupils should have been given in Assembly can be found here. S3 Choice Form – Original


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