Course Choice & Careers Evening – Tuesday 11 February 2020

Course Choice & Careers Evening – Tuesday 11 February 2020

Careers Evening – Tuesday 11 February 6 pm – 8 pm

All pupils in S2-6, will be given the opportunity in school to sign up for the Careers and Course Choice Information Evening.  They will also have access to a list of careers talks that are taking place on the night which they can sign up for prior the event.


For health and safety reasons, it is essential that pupils complete the Google Form if they are attending the Careers Evening.  We would ask you to encourage your child to take advantage of a great resource and sign up for the stalls and talks available to them.  Parents can also hear about course choice information in talks that are provided by the Senior Management Team throughout the evening and are encouraged to sign up for talks and the stalls be using the Google Link below.


The idea behind the Careers Evening is to give young people more information about jobs and careers that may be available in the local area and a chance to talk to people working in those fields.


We hope that this event will give our pupils information and an insight into not only the careers they might want to pursue but also what they will have to do in the next few months or years to prepare themselves more fully for the future.


We would like parents to attend so that you can also gather information which will help you to support your son/ daughter as they make the decisions which will have so much impact on their future.  The evening will also help them prepare and make decisions about their course choices for the next year at school.


We have invited local individuals, companies and organisations to provide displays of information about possible jobs or careers in their particular field.  Some may have leaflets you can take away with you.  Some have also agreed to have personnel present to and answer any questions you may have about:

  • Job opportunities
  • Pay and benefits
  • Training and qualifications required
  • Useful subjects to study at school
  • What other skills and qualities would be useful.

There are a large number of businesses attending, covering a wide range of industries.  A list of businesses attending can be found by clicking the following link:  Businesses Attending 2019-20

There are also a number of talks taking place throughout the night which we would encourage people to sign up for.  This can be done on the google classroom link.  Click the following link to find out what is available:

The talks will provide them with first-hand information about different careers, opportunities and help in certain areas.  The list of talks available can be found here.  Career Talks 2019-20 V1

Senior Management will also be in attendance to help you answer any questions you may have about the course choice procedures as well as discussing the right choices for your son/daughter.


It is essential for health and safety reasons that parents/pupils sign up prior to the evening.  If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact Mrs J Cruickshank, Depute Head Teacher on 01224 707583.

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