Countdown to a #FairtradeChristmas – Day 19

Who are you? Morag Clark, Geography teacher at Bridge of Don Academy. I believe in fair trade and this is a simple way for me to help improve the lives of framers around the world who produce food for us.

What is your Fairtrade item?: Co-op Fairtrade Gold Roast instant coffee.

Why? I love coffee!. It has a rich flavour which energises me for a day at work or a day out on the hills. It is also good to know that the coffee farmers are getting a fair price for their produce. A win-win situation!

Meet some of the farmers and workers who help make your cup of Fairtrade coffee

Countdown to a #FairtradeChristmas – Day 18

Who are you?: Charlie Barrow, previously worked at Aberdeen for a Fairer World and now a Trustee.

What is your Fairtrade item?: Biscuits.

Why?: I thought my contribution to the Fairtrade calendar would be a more realistic representation of working with coronavirus restrictions! Not that I eat many biscuits at all! Okay,  I do not eat quite this many biscuits during a Zoom meeting but the ones I do eat are Co-op and therefore FT by default.

In May 2017, the Co-op switched all their own brand products to 100% Fairtrade cocoa. This means any Co-op product with cocoa in it is Fairtrade, even if it doesn’t have the Fairtrade logo.

Today is the last day of the school term. This holiday season, why not have a Fairtrade Quiz? Below is a ready made quiz presentation with answer sheet. Perfect for enjoying after your Christmas meal or on a day when their is nothing you fancy on TV.

This quiz has been adapted from the Fairtrade Foundation. For more questions click the link

Countdown to a #FairtradeChristmas – Day 17

Who are you?: Abi Betney, I’m a trustee of Aberdeen for a Fairer World.

What are your Fairtrade items?: Fairly traded clothes, shoes, scarves and jewellery.

Why?: I love the opportunity to feel a connection to the producers of things I buy; to support traditional artisan skills; to empower women; to reduce my impact on farmers, their environment and our world when I choose organic production; to ensure that those who produce the cotton or rubber, and those who craft the items I wear, are paid a fair price for the amazing work they do, and their communities are empowered to make life better for themselves in ways they choose; after all, it’s only fair (plus I was able to fashion something vaguely resembling a Christmas tree from these items! :-)).

Please find more information about these items and the producers they support here:

People Tree (jumper and jewellery)

Nomads (dress) 

Traidcraft (scarves)

Ethletic (trainers)