Social Studies: Sharing the Learning S1 (Session 2019/20)

Term 2: October to Christmas

Key Learning in Geography

Context for Learning:

Our context this term is ‘Weather’. With a focus on Britain, weather elements and the influence of our location on our weather will be explored.

Through this theme, our creative, evaluative and communication skills will also be developed.


Pupils will learn to:

  • name the different weather elements
  • describe how each weather element is measured
  • describe what is meant by the word ‘weather’
  • describe what is meant by the word ‘climate’
  • describe how it rains
  • describe the type of weather which happens when there is high and low air pressure

Homework activities

These will be handed out in class on paper or set in Google Classroom, to be in the following week. Activities for this are always discussed in class, but pupils can ask if they have any queries.

Tasks include:

  • Weather Record- record different elements of the weather for 7 days
  • Describing and Explaining Britain’s Climate: this will be discussed in class and completed at home
  • Revision: there will be a written assessment at the end of the unit

What you can do at home to help

Please encourage independent home learning, while supporting your child to think about presentation and checking over work.

Encouraging children to view a variety of weather forecasts reports about the impact of weather on people at home is a great way to maintain progress.



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