Emergency Procedures for Severe Weather and other Emergency Closures

We are always mindful of the difficulties and dangers which our country pupils might encounter as they journey to and from school during abnormal weather conditions.

As soon as we are aware of the onset or likely onset of severe weather conditions, we take the following action:

  • Information to families about bus pick-ups, school opening time and possible school closure is given on the School Information Line 0870 054 1999, PIN 011020. This will be updated before 7.00 am on days of severe weather.
  • Information will also be updated by 7.00 am on the school website, www.bridgeofdon.aberdeen.sch.uk and the Aberdeen City Council website, www.aberdeencity.gov.uk. This information is automatically transferred to local radio stations.
  • Pupils who travel in taxis will be contacted by the taxi companies.

If the school is required to close during the school day due to severe weather or other emergencies, the following will apply:

  • The school will remain open until all pupils have been returned home safely.
  •  Parents will be contacted via Group Call.
  • The Information Line (see above) will be updated.
  • The school and Aberdeen City Council websites will be updated (see above).
  • Local radio stations will be contacted.
  • Pupils will be allowed to use their mobile phones to contact parents/carers. If they do not have one, they will use the school’s phones.
  • Pupils have a responsibility to give accurate information regarding their safety and this information will be taken on trust.
  • Bus pupils who are safe to be returned home early will be allowed to board buses.
  • Bus pupils who do not have a parent/carer at home or do not have permission to return home from a parent/carer will be looked after in school until contact is made with a parent/carer.
  • Local pupils will be allowed to go home early if there is someone at home or they have permission from a parent/carer to be at home unsupervised. Pupils have a responsibility to give accurate information regarding their safety and this will be taken on trust.
  • If pupils do not have a parent/carer at home and do not have permission from their parent/carer to be at home unsupervised then they will be kept safe in school until contact can be made with a parent/carer.

Special Accommodation Arrangements

Where conditions are so severe that transport cannot be safely provided, it would be prudent for pupils not to attempt the journey home – unless parents collect them personally. This could mean that pupils might have to stay overnight at an address near the school. In order that such an arrangement can function smoothly, a register of available accommodation is kept. Parents who live at a distance from the school are asked each year to complete emergency contact details on the reverse of the Admission Form.

If a parent thinks that weather conditions are likely to deteriorate during any day to the extent that the pupil might have difficulty in getting home again safely, we would advise that the pupil does not come to school that morning.

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