A school year normally consists of 380 attendances, each day being considered as two attendances, one morning and one afternoon session.

Sometimes problems arise concerning a pupil’s attendance at school and, in such cases, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the situation with any parent.

The school uses an electronic communication system called Groupcall to notify parents/carers if their child is absent from school that day. You are encouraged to download the app for your mobile phone. It is available for both Apple and Android phones.

If your child is going to be absent through illness or other reason, please contact the school office by,
• email: bridgeofdon@aberdeencity.gov.uk;
• text message through the Xpressions app, or
• telephone by 9.00AM.

This procedure will ensure you do not receive a message via the Groupcall system.

It is extremely important that any changes to mobile telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are given to the School Office as soon as possible in order that records are kept up to date and communication can be kept open.

An explanatory note or phone call is required after every absence which has not been previously authorised. Failure to do so may result in the absence being recorded as truancy and detention given to the pupil.

In respect of non-attendance at school, the City Council’s non-attendance procedures will be implemented when a pupil has recorded a figure of 30 unexplained or ill-explained absences (ie the equivalent of 15 days). Such a move could lead to the prosecution of parents.


Parents should inform the school office by 9.00 am on each day of illness by email: bridgeofdon@aberdeencity.gov.uk, text message through the Xpressions app or by telephone. If unable to contact the school office a signed note should be handed to the child’s Register Teacher the next day.

If your child is absent from an SQA exam please contact the school to discuss the next steps.


Pupils who arrive at school between 8.39 AM and 8.45 AM should go straight to their register class where the Register Teacher will record them as late and pass this information to the school office.

Pupils who arrive in school after 8.45 AM should report to the school office for their lateness to be recorded before proceeding to class. They should also provide a parental note on arrival, or the following day at the latest, to explain their lateness.

A warning bell is sounded at 1.50 PM giving pupils adequate time to make their way to their period 5 class. Lates in the afternoon will be recorded by class teachers.

All the recorded lates will be printed out weekly to Guidance staff who will then pursue unexplained or unjustified lateness as a disciplinary matter.

Going Out of School

Pupils must not leave the school, except at lunchtime, without permission from a member of the Senior Staff (Head Teacher or Depute Head Teachers). Pupils who have a dental or doctor’s appointment should bring the appointment card or letter to the Register Teacher at registration and must sign in and out at the school office when they depart and again when they return.

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