Right of the Week W/C 16/01/2023

Article 7 and 8 – Identity

Article 7 – Every child has the right to be registered at birth, to have a name and nationality, and, as far as possible, to know and be cared for by their parents.

Article 8 – Every child has the right to an identity. Governments must respect and protect that right, and prevent the child’s name, nationality or family relationships from being changed unlawfully.

There are many things that make each pupil a unique and wonderful person. Their right to a name, a nationality and an identity is something special and should be valued. This week we’ve been asking our pupils to reflect on the following:

  • Think about what makes you who you are.
  • What are you proud of about yourself?
  • How can you respect and appreciate other people’s identity?
  • How might you share this with them?
  • How does respecting different identities make for a better world?
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