NHS Virtual Work Experience Programme

Commencing on Sunday 2nd October

Students can register using the link below:


Once they’ve registered, students will be emailed links to their virtual work experience portals.

This programme is suitable for students in S3, S4, S5, and S6 who are interested in the following careers:

– Nursing

– Midwifery

– Paramedicine

– Physiotherapy

– Occupational Therapy

– Dietetics

– Radiography

– Prosthetics and Orthotics

– Speech and Language Therapy

– Pharmacy

As the UCAS deadline for NHS Health Careers is in January, the sooner students begin work experience, the better.

During the work experience day, students will follow 2 patients from their initial presentation to recovery. They will gain a unique insight into how patients interact with a variety of healthcare professionals and what it’s like to work in an NHS multidisciplinary team.

This will empower students to make an informed career decision and demonstrate their commitment to healthcare in their UCAS applications.

Students will receive certificates as evidence of having participated in the work experience programme. Those that complete the full 5-month programme will also be awarded Highly Commended References.

Students can register individually at any time throughout the 5-month programme using the link below. We recommend booking early to gain as much out of this programme as possible. Places are £10 a session to cover administrative and technological costs – if you are interested but need help with the financial cost of the course, please see Mrs Cruickshank in F14.


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