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UNCRC Article 24 Health and health services

Every child has the right to the best possible health. Governments must provide clean water…and a clean environment…so that children can stay healthy. Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.

19th November is World Toilet Day


This year, the theme is sanitation and climate change.

4.2 billion people are still without access to well managed sanitation. In the current pandemic we are told to wash our hands and practice good hygiene. Imagine how difficult this would be without safe, clean and reliable toilet facilities.

The effects of climate change threaten sanitation systems. For instance, floodwater can damage toilets and spread human waste into water supplies, food crops and people’s homes. These incidents, which are becoming more frequent as climate change worsens, cause public health emergencies and damage the environment.

Globally, 80% of wastewater flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused. Wastewater and sludge from toilets contain valuable water, nutrients and energy. Sustainable sanitation systems also make productive use of waste to safely use in agriculture and reduce and capture emissions for greener energy.

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