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Course Choice – 2017-18

This is a really important time of year where many of our youngsters are thinking about their future career and thinking about their pathways.  They will be taking time to consider their options and which ones are the best for them.  Pupils in S3 -5 are being introduced to course choice in assembly and in PSE, where they have been provided with a course choice sheet.  They also have access to the course choice booklet on Google Classroom.

Parents/Guardians can also access the booklet and form by using the following links:

Course Choice Booklet – Course Choice Booklet 2017-18

Course Choice Form – Column Sheet Pupil

There are many different options for our pupils and you may have questions or queries about these.  There are a couple of opportunities for you to find out further information.  Firstly, we are offering parents the chance to come to a talk about course choice information at the Careers Evening on Tuesday 21 February from 7 pm – 9 pm.  There are 4 talks at different times at which you can attend.  Pupils can indicate your interest on the Google Form which they have access to.

In addition to this two information events for pupils and parents have now been arranged.  These events are designed to allow genuinely interested pupils and their parents the opportunity to come along to the relevant College campus to see where course delivery will take place, speak to curriculum staff and have a chance to ask any questions they may have before completing their applications.

Tuesday 7th March – Aberdeen City Campus – 6.15pm – 8pm

To confirm attendance at this event pupils, their parents and school staff should register using this link:

Thursday 9th March – Fraserburgh Campus – 6.15pm – 8pm

Again, to confirm attendance pupils and parents should register using this link:

For ease of reference, the application form for FA’s can be located at the link below:

Equally please do not hesitate to contact the school should you have any further queries.



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