Art & Design: S1

Course Content

Learners will develop their knowledge of art and design practice. They will be given the opportunity to experience a range of practical media handling skills in both expressive and design contexts.

The units that S1 pupils will cover are:

  • The Visual Elements – Exploring the basic elements that are used to create a piece of art work. This unit allows pupils to learn art vocabulary and to identify how to create Line, Tone, Colour, Shape, Form, Pattern, Texture, Scale within their artwork.
  • 2D Design – Graphics unit looking at packaging, logo, or poster design
  • 3D Sculpture – Explore the ceramic process including glazing and firing clay resulting in the creation of an imaginative piece.
  • Annual International Art Exchange – Pupils will learn about natural child development within this subject through a portrait exchange with pre-kindergarten classes in Noblesville, Indiana, USA. This link has been in place since 2012 and has been extremely successful with a resulting annual exhibition of BODA pupil work in the Town Hall in Noblesville.
  • Critical Writing – Focused on a particular Art and/or Design Movement such as Cubism, Impressionism, Art Nouveau/Art Deco. This will involve exploring the life of a specific artist/designer, and producing evaluations of their work including a personal opinion.


Pupil work is continually assessed throughout the year and feedback given on a lesson to lesson basis.  The class teacher will spend time discussing successes within the work and will highlight areas for improvements on a one to one basis with pupils.  Exemplars from the class teacher and from other pupils are used to illustrate the success criteria for each outcome.  Pupils will also use self/peer evaluation for each unit of work to strengthen their critical vocabulary.