Downloading Safely from the Internet

Free guide for schools – advice about downloading music, film & TV safely and legally
Young people spend a significant part of their lives online. The pace of change is fast and it is sometimes difficult for parents, carers and teachers to keep up. That is why Childnet have produced a guide to help you advise young people on some of their foremost online activities – listening to music and watching films and TV programmes.

Childnet International is a registered charity working with children, teachers and parents to help make the internet a great and safe place for children. We teamed up with the music business ( and and the film industry ( and to explain how young people can get the best out of downloading, streaming and sharing music, film and TV programmes in a safe and legal way. The guide answers some common questions such as:

  • What are the risks of getting viruses, offensive material and having my privacy invaded by using illegal file sharing services?
  • How can I tell if a music or film site is legal?
  • Where can I download music, films and TV programmes safely and legally?
  • What are the copyright laws and ethics to be considered when downloading and streaming music, film and TV programmes?

It is a simple and clear resource for teachers in secondary schools, in areas such as music, ICT, citizenship and student welfare; and parents who may be concerned about what their children are doing on the family computer.

Please find a copy of the guide (PDF Format) here.  Downloading from the Internet

New Discipline Policy

Although we have relatively few problems with discipline at Bridge of Don Academy we must ensure that no pupil is allowed to disrupt the learning and teaching of others without being disciplined.  Throughout the process of restructuring our existing Discipline Policy, we have regularly consulted with our Parent Council, Student Council, pupils and staff at all levels to ensure that we reflect the school ethos and the views of all who will be affected.  We are now in a position to run a pilot programme which will take effect as of Tuesday 25 September 2012. 

The new Discipline Policy is outlined in the table below:

Level  Action
Level  1  Verbal warning.
Level  2  Isolation within class or second verbal warning.
Level  3 ‘Stop & Think’ exercise issued, return date specified by teacher.  If exercise is not returned by date, pupil will go straight onto Level 4.
Level  4  Referral to Principal Teacher & Discipline Letter sent home.  (Detention and/or Planned Time Out may also be issued at this point.)
Level  5  Referral to Year Head.  Warning of Exclusion issued.
Level  6  Exclusion by Head Teacher.
Level 7  Removal from school roll.

In rolling out our new policy, the Senior Management Team have held year group assemblies explaining to all pupils how the policy will operate which has been reinforced to pupils by their Heads of House during PSE lessons.  In conjunction to this, posters have also be placed in every teaching area as a reminder to pupils of the new policy alongside articles on the Bridge of Don Academy website and the Autumn Magazine.

We have endeavoured to make the system as straight forward and comprehensive as possible for all involved but should you have any queries/questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.