School will open as normal Wednesday 18 December

Following today’s early closure work has begun and will be completed in the morning on the school drains.  This will allow school to open as normal on Wednesday 18 December 2019.

This is a timely opportunity to remind all families to ensure we have your most up-to-date contact details.  These will be used to send text messages and email messages to keep you informed about routine events and emergency situations.   The Schools Information line is a further source of information for families and staff and has been updated this evening.

Telephone:  0870 054 1999

Pin Number:  011020


Reverse Advent Calendar Appeal 2019

Please support your child to support the Reverse Advent Calendar appeal.   We are asking young people to bring in items to be donated to our local Food bank here in the North of the City.  The poster below details items which can be donated.

Aberdeen is a wonderful city to lie and work in but since the downturn in the oil industry unepmployment has risen as 70 000 jobs in oil and oil related areas have disappeared.  We are encouraging our young people to think of others at this time of year.  Maybe they can give up fizzy drinks for the week and use the money to buy an item each day to donate.  Maybe as a family you can discuss other ways that you could support the appeal.  Last year 1600 items were donated to the Trussell Trust this year our target is to donate 2000.

Reverse Advent Calendar 2019

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