Education Scotland – Update For Parents

Please find below information from Education Scotland relating to the New National Qualifications – February 2012 Update.


Information for Parents and Carers

Visit our parents’ page  regularly for the latest information about the new qualifications. Our Mythbuster has answers to the most common questions about the new qualifications – 


Course and Unit Support Notes

Our development process for the new qualifications is continuing and we are continuing to publish draft documents on our website.
We have now published draft Course and Unit Support Notes for Higher – . The Support Notes provide advice and guidance for teachers and practitioners on delivering the new Courses and their component Units. You can find out more about the stages of our qualifications development process:


Final Documents

All of the draft documents on our website for Access 2 – Higher will become final on 30 April 2012. Assessment support will be published for Access 1 to National 5 qualifications by April 2013, by April 2014 for Higher and by April 2015 for Advanced Higher. Development will continue on Advanced Higher qualifications and we will publish draft documents for your feedback as these qualifications are developed.


New Courses

Following engagement and feedback we are developing a new Higher Course in Fashion and Textile Technology. We are also developing new Courses in Music Technology from Access 3 – Higher. More details about these new Courses will be available in the spring.


New CfE films

The Scottish Government has published four newshort films on the Engage for Education website: – three sector specific, featuring a nursery, primary and secondary school, and one combined – in which learners, parents and teachers describe in their own words the impact and benefits of Curriculum for Excellence. The films contribute towards the Cabinet Secretary’s Curriculum for Excellence Action Plan 2011/12 commitment to develop new materials for parents which illustrate the benefits of Curriculum for Excellence, following calls for such resources from parents. They have been developed in co-operation with the National Parent Forum of Scotland and aim to show the types of impact and benefits that CfE is already having in early years, primary and early secondary settings across the country.

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