Social Networking & Security

The popularity of social networking sites has increased at amazing levels. There is no arguing the usefulness of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They can be used for a variety of reasons and can be very useful in a number of ways.

However, we as a school and a community are continually trying to highlight to the pupils the importance of safety and security surrounding using such sites.

Aberdeen City Council’s policy gives us the following information:  ‘Social media’ is the term commonly given to websites and online tools that allow users to interact with each other by sharing information, opinions, knowledge and interests. As the name implies, social media involves the building of communities or networks, encouraging participation and engagement.  Examples of the more popular activities include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.

The rise in social media has been rapid and well publicised.  Alongside this growth in personal use has been an increasing awareness of the benefits and potential of social media for professional or business use.

Plese find some tips and furter information here by clicking on the links.

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