Summer Festival

Our two Crathes House Captains with Irene Mair of the Barber’s Pole.  Crathes House accumulated the most points for the Summer Festival last Wednesday 27 June.  Pupils could accumulate points by competing in a number of traditional athletic events as well as participation points for trying out and participating in a number of active pursuits such as mountain biking, scooting, rock climbing, cycling, Nerf battles, netball, volleyball, stage fighting, Zumba and many more.

Pictured below on the day are (L-R) Karolina Czarnecka from our business partner Rubber Atkins who donated the house banners – one of which can be seen in the background and Jackie Lockhart, Scottish,  world and Olympic Curler who opened the summer festival and presented a number of medals.

This was our first summer festival but it won’t be our last!  The weather certainly helped but more importantly all young people, including our new S1s – had the opportunity to be active and have fun. 

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