Sponsored Walk 21 September 2107

This week in assemblies we will be briefing all pupils about our sponsored walk which takes place on Thursday 21 September 2017- just prior to the long weekend.  Pupils will be handed out an information letter, a consent form and a sponsor form.  The consent forms are to be returned at assemblies as per instructions on the form – or sooner if you wish to the school office.  For your information and convenience a set of forms and a copy of the slide show presentation which is being used at assemblies this week can be accessed through the links below.

consent form

HT Letter

Sponsor Form

Sponsored Walk assemblies

Points to note for parents:

  1. The purpose is to raise money for the school fund which supports learning in and out of school.
  2. Pupils should be suitably dressed for walking outdoors.  Layers e.g. shorts and tee shirt with jumper/joggers are preferable,  including a light waterproof jacket or similar.  Sun cream as required.  Please encourage sensible foot wear bearing in mind pupils are walking on sand which can be quite demanding when soft underfoot.  Suitable Fancy Dress is allowed – adds to the fun and enjoyment of the day for us all.
  3. Any pupil who uses an inhaler MUST take this with them and please inform us on the consent form of any medical issues we need to be aware of.
  4. Pupils will need snacks, water and a packed lunch.  There will be free homemade soup at Balmedie as well as water/snacks to purchase.
  5. As soon as they have completed the walk and signed in at Donmouth pupils can go home.  If they usually catch the school bust they can wait for this or make alternative arrangements to go home.
  6. The school buses will leave the esplanade at the beach at normal times.  No late bus will be provided.  Pupils who miss the school bus will need to be picked up or make alternative arrangements to get home.
  7. There will be staff at Donmouth to help pupils who miss the school bus make contact with home.
  8. This is a whole school activity and the timetable is suspended so that all pupils and staff can take part – to the extent they are able.  Support will be available and for those who are not physically capable of even a one-way walk, supervision and work will be provided in school.


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