Global Goals Trip to C Fine

Today the Global Goals group went on a trip to donate rice to C Fine and have a tour.

C Fine is a community hub where people can socialise and get food packages. Last year in Scotland, 170,000 3 day packages were given out by charities to people who need it. When we were there, we donated 30kg of rice. The rice was Fair Trade and was purchased as part of the 90kg rice challenge which helps farmers in Malawi. Each bag will be used for 9 meals by C Fine. We also saw their kitchen in which they give lessons on how to cook on a budget. They also socialise whilst eating the food they cook in the kitchen, sharing their stories of how they have ended up relying on a food bank. We thought the trip was very informative and made us feel good about donating the rice, knowing that we have helped to feed people who are hungry in Aberdeen. We even got ice cream, “snow white” apples and grapes from C Fine.

Article by Kiera Walker 4F1 and April McLeish 3C2


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