School Uniform


Stage S1 to S4 S5/S6
Above The Waist White shirt/blouse with
junior school tie (blue)
White school polo shirt and sweatshirt with school badge
White or black shirt/blouse with senior school tie (red)
Legs Black trousers
Footwear Black shoes


What Not To Wear

  • Jeans of any kind, including black jeans found in some ‘school uniform’ sections of clothing outlets
  • Leggings, Jeggings or ‘Treggings’
  • Dresses, pinafores
  • Grey, white or any other colour
  • Trainers with logos or coloured markings
  • No large accessories, for example earrings which could pose a risk if caught or pulled


Where To Buy The Uniform

Our uniform is available is available through Scotcrest. Details below.


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