Sponsored Walk 2017

Thank you to everyone, pupils and staff, who took part in today’s Sponsored Walk. Due consideration was given to the forecast conditions before the decision was taken to go ahead with the walk. This isn’t the first time we have done the walk in the rain, and on this occasion there were a couple of periods of heavy rain, but the majority of the walk took place in relatively dry conditions.

Staff were monitoring the situation throughout the day at various checkpoints along the beach. One of the checkpoints reported that water running down from the dunes was making it difficult to cross the streams and keep feet dry. The decision was taken to shorten the walk at Balmedie and stop those arriving from continuing with the return journey. A number of pupils had already set off on their return journey accompanied by staff. Balmedie pupils were permitted to go home and a bus was arranged to transport others back to Bridge of Don.

Well done to everyone who completed the challenge of the walk, whether one way or both!

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