School Uniform Policy

School Uniform

The term began with a series of assemblies to all year groups about uniform. 

We explained to pupils that in the world beyond school there are often uniforms that have to be worn at work or at the very lest a dress code and that Health and Safety laws mean that certain items of protective clothing are compulsory with severe consequences if they are not worn.  So the message pupils were given was that in school….

” …arriving on time, wearing the correct uniform, ready for work, with all the equipment you need for lessons, is teaching you about employability.”

 We then reminded pupils that wearing their uniform helps us keep them safe.  It allows us to quickly identify people who are not our pupils and may pose a danger to them.  It also helps pupils bond together as a group and prevents rivalry around clothes and shoes which can cause divisions and factions. Finally we reminded pupils that this a good school with a good reputation in the community and that wearing their uniform shows that they are proud to be part of it. 

We finally reminded pupils about the good things that happen if they regularly wear uniform and the consequences for not following the policy – as detailed in the policy available to download by clicking on the following link.

Uniform Policy 2012