S6 Leaders Fundraise for SSPCA

Throughout the year, the S6 Leadership class have been fundraising for the SSPCA as part of a group philanthropic project. The class chose to raise awareness for this charity as we found animal welfare to be an important cause in our local area. In order to use our time, money and voice we organised a series of events. We first started by holding a car wash during our free periods which raised over £100 alone. Some of this was then used for our next event of a Christmas themed Quiz and Raffle night. As preparation for this event, some members of the class reached out to companies and businesses in our local area to seek donations for our raffle, this included various prizes like a family ticket for Landmark worth over £70, along with gift hampers and gym memberships. In addition, a group of pupils created a quiz consisting of 6 rounds which proved to be a competitive yet fun event.

On the 7th February, we as a class visited the SSPCA Drumoak animal centre to present them with our final total: £500. The charity were delighted with the money raised which will be used to provide vital veterinary care and resources to care for the animals. As a class we felt we had effectively used our time to raise money but still felt we could further use our voice to raise awareness and so we contacted Original 106, a local radio station, who then aired a lunch time segment which detailed our achievements and made the public aware of our hard work. This also led to further awareness of the SSPCA’s work and, as a result, meant we had effectively used our money, time and voice to help animals who desperately our efforts.

On reflection, this philanthropic task has strengthened the relationships between pupils within the class and brought the class together as a whole, and proved to us that we can overcome any challenge we face if we work together.


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Active Boys Day Video

Excellent video showing the level of activity at our recent pilot of Active Boys Day.  Many thanks again to our pupil helpers; the young ambassadors Chloe and Stacey for filming and the senior dance leaders for teaching the Haka.

Sport Aberdeen also recognized the excellent work with an article on our day: http://www.sportaberdeen.co.uk/blog/active-boys-day-is-a-hit-at-bridge-of-don-academy/

A reminder about the launch of our Extra-Curricular Rewards program in the PE department.  Collect a “loyalty card” the next time you attend a club and get a stamp for each additional club you attend.  Prizes will be awarded for total stamps collected at the end of term.

Active Boys Day 2017

On Friday the 20th January Bridge of Don Academy organised the 1st ever Active Boys Day.  Boys from the P7 primary feeders and all S1-2 pupils took part in four activities: “Dance”, Body Pump, Boxercise and Health Workshop followed by a mass Haka in the Games Hall.

In total 154 pupils took part and were active for periods 1-3 which included a break with a healthy snack and water.  Pupils are encouraged to use this opportunity to Get Active and Stay Active.

Check out our twitter @BodaPEandSport and YouTube channel: BODA PE for more updates soon.  Well done to all the boys and to our excellent leaders.



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Staff vs Pupils 2016

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week the pupils of Bridge of Don Academy had the opportunity to challenge the staff in a variety of sports events at lunchtime.  On Monday in Basketball, four teams took on the teachers however the staff won 4-0.  Tuesday was Badminton and many games of singles and doubles were played with the staff winning 13 games to the pupils 3.  Finally on Wednesday, the staff played volleyball against three teams and won all the matches against the pupils teams.

Well done to all staff and pupils for participating and although the staff won the series 3-0 all pupils and staff had a great time.

The PE department wishes everyone a great Christmas and a happy new year.

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Photoshop Club producing digital artists of tomorrow

photoshop-club-logoEver wondered why celebrities look so perfect in magazines?  or in fact how any picture can seem to be flawless? Well the secret is in Adobe Photoshop and pupils in S1 and S2 who come to this club are starting to see the potential in a future in digital manipulation.

This club is run every week on a Thursday lunchtime. Pupils are encouraged to join up and come along to learn and have fun while using Photoshop to edit and design lots of different graphics. Adobe Photoshop CC is a program which is used the world over by professionals in a wide range of businesses which are not only in the creative field.  Digital artists/designers can obtain large salaries if they are skilled and experienced.  Here at Bridge of Don Academy we believe in giving all pupils the chance to gain skills that will help them in their future careers, and to also open their eyes to potential jobs that they never knew were available.  

Using Photoshop you can beautify, distort, resize, reshape, and recolor people, objects and scenes, you can even remove your wrinkles! Graphics tablets are provided for pupils to use while they work, these are used alongside the mouse but allow you to draw using a pen which is more accurate and similar to regular drawing. Pupils obtain images from the internet or use pictures they take in, to merge them into a single image by cutting and pasting specific parts or even by using filters to make them look entirely different.

Although it may seem quite difficult to start off with, as there are lots of tools and possibilities, everyone who participates is always open to help everyone else if they get stuck.  In the club there is a good sense of community where learning and sharing skills are encouraged. The club is run by Mrs Redpath and S6 pupil Aidan Millar.  It is free to participate and have fun, so if you are reading this and you are interested, get an application form from Mrs Redpath and join now!

Spaces are limited but a waiting list is there to join once we are full!