Staff vs Pupils 2016

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week the pupils of Bridge of Don Academy had the opportunity to challenge the staff in a variety of sports events at lunchtime.  On Monday in Basketball, four teams took on the teachers however the staff won 4-0.  Tuesday was Badminton and many games of singles and doubles were played with the staff winning 13 games to the pupils 3.  Finally on Wednesday, the staff played volleyball against three teams and won all the matches against the pupils teams.

Well done to all staff and pupils for participating and although the staff won the series 3-0 all pupils and staff had a great time.

The PE department wishes everyone a great Christmas and a happy new year.

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Active Girls Day 2016 – Video

On Friday 28th October 2016, girls across Scotland were asked to get up and get active to celebrate the amazing work happening in Active Girls! The S1 and S2 girls from Bridge of Don Academy were joined by P7’s from Balmedie, Braehead and Scotstown for a full-on day of dance, yoga, boxercise and a health talk. The girls moved through each workshop with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and energy which was great to see! The day was finished off with a mass dance where all P7, S1 and S2 girls took part! The day could not have been possible without our fabulous senior dance leaders as well as our Young Ambassadors Stacey and Chloe, and Briony and Sandra from sport Aberdeen. A huge thank you goes to everyone involved and well done for all who took part! Remember… Be positive, eat well and GET ACTIVE!


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SkySports Awards Evening 2016

On Thursday the 23rd June the Bridge of Don Academy PE department along with the S6 Higher Leadership class organised and ran the inaugural Sports Awards Evening at the school.  The evening was supported by the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme and featured a visit from our athlete mentor Sarah Clarke to award the prizes.  The evening was very well attended by parents and nominees and a list of the winners is noted below.

Blues: Full Blues – Findlay Deans.  Half Blues – Scott Kinghorn, Euan Johnston, Keller Emslie

Male Volunteer of the Year – Allan McKessick and Lewis Brooks

Female Volunteer of the Year – Shannon McGovern

Fit for Girls Award – April McLeish

Extra-Curricular Award – David Jezowski

Player of the Year – S1 Football – Aiden-Jay Leonard, S2 Football – Reece McKerron, Junior Netball – Amy Gibb, Senior Netball – Holly Shum & Basketball – Shannon McGovern

Senior Peer Award – Jason Woods & Adam Lawson

S4 Peer Leadership Award – Leo Spink, Megan Wharry, Jade Cocker & Mackenzie Corsor

Team of the Year – Basketball

Services to Charity Award – Calum Chalmers

Sky Sports:Living for Sports Awards – Stacey Jackson & Scott Kinghorn


The evening was streamed live of YouTube and the replay can be viewed at the BODA PE YouTube channel:

Photos of Winners can be found on the school Instagram page: Bridgeofdonacad and the PE Twitter page: @BODApeandsport.

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Aberdeen Youth Games

Well done to all 30 S1-2 participants from Bridge of Don Academy today who took part in the Aberdeen City Youth Games at the Sports Village.  Teams from Bridge of Don Academy took part in Netball, Dodgeball, Table Tennis, Badminton and Basketball against teams from the other 11 City schools.  Performances of note were the Table Tennis team who only lost one game and the Netball squad who demonstrated a vastly improved performance.

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Jazzercise visits PE

On Monday 22nd February all S3 Girls at BODA received a fantastic taster in Jazzercise from an excellent instructor.  All pupils participated in an “express” version of the activity and enjoyed dancing to current and contemporary music.  Huge thanks to Simone, our instructor, for giving up her free time to come in and deliver such an engaging session.  Anybody who is interested in continuing with Jazzercise outwith school can find out more information at: or speak to anyone in the PE department.


Jazzercise 001 Jazzercise 002 Jazzercise 003 Jazzercise 004 Jazzercise 005 Jazzercise 007 Jazzercise 008 Jazzercise 009 Jazzercise 010 Jazzercise 011

Giant Heptathlon

On Friday 5th February 14 S1-2 pupils from Bridge of Don Academy took part in the annual Giant Heptathlon at the Aberdeen Sports Village.  The 2 teams of 7 boys and 7 girls performed brilliantly and came a very credible 3rd place behind Aberdeen Grammar and St Machar.  These local results will be entered into the national results so we await news on the schools national standing.  Well Done

Giant Heptahlon 002 Giant Heptahlon 003 Giant Heptahlon 004 Giant Heptahlon 005 Giant Heptahlon 006 Giant Heptahlon 007 Giant Heptahlon 008 Giant Heptahlon 009 Giant Heptahlon 010 Giant Heptahlon 011 Giant Heptahlon 012 Giant Heptahlon 013 Giant Heptahlon 014 Giant Heptahlon 015 Giant Heptahlon 017 Giant Heptahlon 018 Giant Heptahlon 019 Giant Heptahlon 020 Giant Heptahlon 022 Giant Heptahlon 023 Giant Heptahlon 024 Giant Heptahlon 025 Giant Heptahlon 026 Giant Heptahlon 027 Giant Heptahlon 028 Giant Heptahlon 029 Giant Heptahlon 030 Giant Heptahlon 031 Giant Heptahlon 032 Giant Heptahlon 033 Giant Heptahlon 034 Giant Heptahlon 035 Giant Heptahlon 036 Giant Heptahlon 037 Giant Heptahlon 038 Giant Heptahlon 039 Giant Heptahlon 040