Your Exams 2017

The following documents were issued to all S4, S5 and S6 pupils at a recent assembly and can be downloaded via the links in bold below.

  • Your Exams 2017
  • MIS Candidate Details

YourExams2017smlThe Your Exams 2017 booklet contains several pages of advice about preparing for exams, procedures on the day, conduct in the exam room, writing answers to the exam questions, marking and the SQA’s Results Service.

The back page has a ‘cut out and keep’ SCN Card which can be brought into the exam room to remind pupils of their candidate number. No other cards or documents are permitted in the room. The card should not be used to record any other piece of information.

Also issued was a printout from the school’s Management Information System for pupils to check details such as the name to be printed on exam certificates, date of birth, home address, and the subjects and levels they are currently being presented for. Any change of address before results certificates are posted must be communicated in writing to the school office by Monday 26 June.


The GYRBTOE booklet explains how pupils can sign up for SQA Results Service, where their results will be sent electronically via SMS or e-mail, anywhere in the world, at 8.00 AM on the day the results come out.

Pupils are required to sign up via by 18 July with a valid e-mail address and must activate their account no later than 20 July in order to receive their results electronically. Certificates will still be sent through the post.


Estimate Exams – Assembly Presentation

examinfoA PDF copy of the presentation slides used at the Estimate Exams assembly are available via the link below.

All pupils are expected to read the information and to follow the instructions. Failing to follow these instructions may result in an allegation of cheating or disciplinary misconduct.

Estimate Exams Assembly

A PDF copy of the letter issued in December regarding Study Leave is also available by clicking the link here.

SCHOLAR – Information For S4 To S6 Parents


SCHOLAR is a programme run by Heriott-Watt University, funded by Education Scotland and member authorities, offering an integrated set of materials and services covering many subjects at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher. The resources are used by pupils in schools up and down the country and include:

  • comprehensive online interactive learning materials, activities, assessments and revision packs;
  • access to online communities, resources, monitoring information and information tools;
  • study guides which contain key reference materials and learning activities.

The subjects currently covered by SCHOLAR are listed on the Scholar website.

If your child is following any of the courses listed in the link above, they will have a username and password which allows them full access in school and at home. The following link offers more information for parents in the form of a PDF booklet: Parents’ Information Booklet